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About Us


About LoveFluff

At LoveFluff, we strive to make life stress-free for pets and their owners with providing high quality pet services at your doorstep with our mobile grooming services

Why Choose Us

As a client at LoveFluff, you can anticipate receiving top-caliber care from a welcoming specialists. We take pleasure in getting to know our customers, and we’re happy to have you join the LoveFluff family. Our groomers and staff members frequently communicate with our customers to answer any questions. When you visit, please let us know how we can strengthen the link between your pet and family since we like doing so!


At LoveFluff, every Cat, Dog, Bird, and Rabbit should feel and look the best.

Affordable Price

For pet owners, reasonable costs are crucial since they guarantee everyone can access and utilize grooming services.

Team Expert

At LoveFluff, we offer professional grooming services to keep your furry friends healthy, clean, and comfortable.


Our experienced team of groomers will make sure your pet looks and feels their best. With our services, you can trust that your pet will be in good hands.


Our experienced groomers are well-trained in handling pets of all breeds and temperaments.


We use only pet-friendly grooming products to ensure their safety and comfort.

Benefits of choosing LoveFluff

Our fully equipped grooming van comes to your doorstep to groom your pet.

Our professional groomers with extensive experience and love for fur babies are available to pamper your pets

You just need to bring your fur baby outside your door steps and handover to our trusted groomers. You never have to worry about car sickness or separation anxiety.

And Love Fluff does it’s magic to groom your babies and make them squeaky clean.


Pet Grooming Services Offered At LoveFluff

The pet grooming services we provide include followings

Tooth and Ear cleaning

Nail Clipping

Bathing & Drying

Aroma Theraphy


Tick & Flea Treatment


Color Dye

Our Mission

At LoveFluff, we strive to make life stress-free for pet and their owners. We are aware how stressful grooming can be for the pets. Your pet buddy will always be at peace and relaxed thanks to our trained groomers.

Our Groomers

Our groomers have received professional training and have worked with pets for more than ten years. Our devoted team pays close attention to your choices and treats your furry child with the highest tenderness and love. Also, our groomers regularly attend refresher training sessions to stay current on the newest trends and methods for giving pets a whole makeover.

When to start grooming your pet

When your pet is about eight weeks old, establish a grooming routine with them—or immediately away if you get an older pet. Setting up regular grooming visits with a kitten is considerably simpler than with an adult, but with enough time and patience, even senior pets may learn to appreciate little pampering.

Provide treats, petting, and praise before and after sessions as you establish your pet’s grooming regimen so that your pet’s will associate it with pleasant experiences. To assist your pet’s in getting used to having their ears and paws touched by stylists, you may do so at home by giving them a gentle touch. The stylist will work with you to create a package that is ideal for your pets if they believe it is safe to groom them.


Our client's responses

It is so beautiful, the staff are fantastic my Charlie looked a million dollars after his first visit and we will be returning for definite he looks like a new dog highly recommend to me and I recommend highly to anyone else it’s a must treat for all you're pooches out there x

Caroline Hildreth

We took our old red setter Ruby to LoveFluff today and they were amazing. Her coat had been destroyed by being spayed! But they sorted her coat out and also helped her stay calm, the difference in her when we picked her up was unbelievable usually she is shaking, but not this time Oh and she looked gorgeous too. Thank you pooch we will be back

Ruth Kenton

A HUGE thank you for taking care of Rosie, she looks and smells absolutely gorgeous!! After her horrendous experience elsewhere you have given back her confidence and that means a lot to me, thank you once again 🙂

Lisa Bilsby

love all the products that they use and it’s not overpowering perfume smells like other places, I love how friendly everyone is and they did wonders on my dog and made her look so beautiful. We shall be coming back soon 🙂